Did you know a safe and healthy work environment pays everyone! According to a research report, about 17,000 workers lose time from work because of job-related injury or illness. Workplace illness not only affects the financial aspect of the businesses but also affect every part of life for workers and their families.
Workplace illness can cause any of the following issues:
 Loss of life,
 Pain and suffering,
 Loss of income and financial well-being,
 Stress on relationships,
 Loss of job or career,
 Healthcare costs beyond what is covered by insurance.
 Low self-esteem,
 Loss of independence,
 Mental health problems,
 Damaged relationships, and
 Other medical problems.
So, it must be made mandatory for businesses and organisations to provide work health and safety training by a leading safety consultant to improve employee well-being, increase productivity, and minimise healthcare costs.
Work Health and Safety Training Australia
The White Tick™ program is designed to ensure workplace safety in Australia and is based on the principle of awareness, solution, education, and support. Keeping your workplace clean and hygienic is essential because, the communicable disease transfers itself form a surface to people, to other surfaces, and then to other people. So, thoroughly cleaning the touchpoints at your office space and encouraging staffs to wash hands can prevent your staffs and clients from exposing themselves to harmful microbes and viruses.
Did you know the World Health Organisation has stated over 80% of infectious illnesses & diseases are spread by hands? The primary focus of The White Tick™ program is to train staff on the importance of hygiene and infection control. They also provide a validation of your hygiene safe program ensuring a clean and safe workplace.
What Does The White Tick™ Include?
Validation: Validation of infection control & hand hygiene procedural effectiveness.
Training: The program educates and trains the management and employees about the various infection control and hand hygiene measures available.
Assessment: They review, analyse, and support workplace hygiene and safety management every quarter to ensure the effectiveness of the program.
Efficiency: As mentioned earlier, the White Tick™ program is designed to ensure the safety and health of your employee and this in turn results in improving efficiency of your business by reducing absenteeism, presenteeism & their operational costs.
Leverage: Valuable marketing leverage via window decals & program certificate.
Infection Control: Cost-effective infection control & hand hygiene management program.
The Certification
The White Tick™ program includes hygiene and cleanliness assessment of premises, hygiene training sessions, and other programs as part of work health and safety courses. The business that undergoes these trainings by our experienced safety consultant will be presented with a White Tick™ framed certificate, sticker and electronic logo file. The name of the business will be added to the list of approved businesses on the White Tick™ website. We also issue an individual White Tick™ certificate to all the employees.