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4 Reasons Why Hand Hygiene is a Must for Workplace Safety

The emergence of the COVID-19 global pandemic has emphasised on the importance of hand hygiene more than ever before. In fact, a study revealed that viruses are spread easily by handshaking than kissing. Proper hand hygiene is vital for effective workplace safety in Australia. These 4 reasons explain how hand hygiene keeps everyone safe and…


Top Benefits of Hiring Safety Consultant for Your Workplace

Workplace safety Australia is a dominant factor in ensuring the performance and well-being of every company. You not only show that your company is serious about social responsibility if you enforce safety standards and drills, but also that you are running your business efficiently. It will help you to ensure that the workplace environment is…


Why Are Workplace Hygiene Programs Important?

Did you know a safe and healthy work environment pays everyone! According to a research report, about 17,000 workers lose time from work because of job-related injury or illness. Workplace illness not only affects the financial aspect of the businesses but also affect every part of life for workers and their families. Workplace illness can…


High Chairs Had In Excess Of 100,000x The Safe Hygiene Level

High Chairs Had In Excess Of 100,000x The Safe Hygiene Level* If you doubt the reason why Australia’s restaurants, clubs, schools, hotels, hospitals and homes need the WHITE TICK™ Program you don’t need to go any further than the Melbourne Shopping Centre Hygiene Audit 2012. Fourteen shopping centres were swab tested by a forensic cleaning…


Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars a Year

For employers, the key benefit of the WHITE TICK™ Program is the potential reduction of staff sick leave associated with hygiene related illness. A healthier workplace means less workers contracting illness, resulting in less disruption to the business, less stress from last-minute shuffling of shifts and less reliance on short-term replacement staff. Our figures show…


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