The White TickTM promotes a safe place to work

One thing we have learned from COVID-19 is the communicable ability of the disease to transfer itself from surfaces to people to surfaces to other people.

The catchcry of our time is to thoroughly clean touchpoint surfaces and wash our hands. This needs to become a lifestyle, not just a short-term preventative measure.

Your Business’ Best Friend!
As the business sector emerges from this COVID-19 lockdown the one thing it needs is trust. Customers need to know if their local coffee shop, health club, restaurant, shopping centre, preschool, fast food outlet, office, council, bank, factory, warehouse or hair salon is a safe place to go.

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Why do you need the
White TickTM Program?



Validation of infection control & hand hygiene procedural effectiveness



Management & employee infection control & hand hygiene training



Quarterly management workplace assessment reviews & support



Reduction in absenteeism, presenteeism & their operational costs



Valuable marketing leverage via window decals & program certificate



Cost effective infection control & hand hygiene management program

Part of the Hygiene Group

Part of the
Hygiene Group

The best solution is the White Tick™

Hygiene Group Pty Ltd is launching the White Tick™ program. The
White Tick™ is an Australian innovation – a hygiene-based assessment and training program based upon global medical and scientific research.

The White Tick™️ is the result of years of research and collaboration with international hygiene and health organisations. We are passionate about creating a healthier and safer place for all Australians, and our mission is to help people become increasingly aware of the dangers of poor hygiene and to minimise the risk.

Hygiene Group Pty Ltd

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According to Worldwide health
regulatory bodies including the
World Health Organisation
over 80% of infectious illnesses
& diseases are spread by hands.


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