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The White Tick™ program is about reducing the incidence of staff and clientele coming into contact with undesirable and preventable pathogens.

The Hygiene Group team delivers an on-site training session in which the dangers of contamination are explained and appropriate health measures are demonstrated (eg. proper wiping of hands and surfaces with the most effective sanitising products, which are readily available from retail outlets).

The Hygiene Group training team is available during early morning, daytime and evening periods to minimise any interruptions to staff serving their customers.

White Tick™ program
Hygiene and cleanliness assessment
White Tick™ program includes the following:

Hygiene and cleanliness assessment of premises – includes microbial swabs taken of selected surfaces to identify existing standards of hygienic cleanliness.
Hygiene training session.
Repeat swab of same surfaces (display new acceptable levels).
Commitment by business owner-management to daily implementation of the White Tick™ methodologies.

The Hygiene Group team is available to return to a business for training when new staff are hired.

The business is presented with a White Tick™ framed certificate, sticker and electronic logo file. Its name is added to the list of approved businesses on the White Tick™ website.

All employees will be issued with an individual White Tick™ certificate.

The White Tick™ logo can then be displayed (front window, door, reception wall, signage, menu, email signature, website, etc.) in advertising and marketing materials. It is a reassurance to the public that this venue adheres to a culture of high standards in hygiene.

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According to Worldwide health
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over 80% of infectious illnesses
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