High Chairs Had In Excess Of 100,000x The Safe Hygiene Level*

If you doubt the reason why Australia’s restaurants, clubs, schools, hotels, hospitals and homes need the WHITE TICK™ Program you don’t need to go any further than the Melbourne Shopping Centre Hygiene Audit 2012.

Fourteen shopping centres were swab tested by a forensic cleaning specialist. The findings were simply remarkable.

Change rooms, high chairs, food courts, escalator hand rails and toilets were tested. Food court tables and chairs had readings many thousands of times over the safe limit. Change tables were 30,000 times above the safe limit, and baby high chairs recorded 100,000 times over the safe level of living organisms.

Of all of the swab tests only one came within an acceptable safe range.

The audit reported that the “shopping centres are crawling with bacteria” and there was the potential for people to contract