The emergence of the COVID-19 global pandemic has emphasised on the importance of hand hygiene more than ever before. In fact, a study revealed that viruses are spread easily by handshaking than kissing. Proper hand hygiene is vital for effective workplace safety in Australia. These 4 reasons explain how hand hygiene keeps everyone safe and healthy.
Boosts Resistance and Immunity:
Employees get in contact with several other people and things throughout the day, which makes them vulnerable to diseases. Proper hand hygiene is key to boosting immunity and resistance. Think about it, you are better off using hand hygiene products than buying and consuming antibiotics.
Practising hand hygiene keeps you as well as the people around you healthy, since it prevents the spread of bacteria or viruses. A healthy workplace paves the way for better productivity indeed.
Less Spread of Diseases:
Frequent usage of hand hygiene products such as sanitisers and soaps will keep you protected from diseases. This is why experts suggest everyone to wash their hands before eating food and after using the loo. Paying importance to work healthy and safety training will positively impact businesses.
Employee absenteeism is reduced and the number of sick leaves taken will be decreased as well. Remember, hand hygiene is not just about keeping your hands clean. Desks, washrooms, and office equipment such as printing machines, telephones etc in the workplace must be properly sanitised as well.
Benefits Businesses in the Long Term:
Adopting the practise of hand hygiene in the workplace is an investment with great returns. As mentioned earlier, increased employee absenteeism affects businesses in terms of time and money. On the other hand, healthy employees feel motivated to fulfil their tasks and stay productive for long.
Completing projects ahead of deadlines helps businesses to achieve long term goals. This is only possible when employees can work without disruption. Investing in work health and safety courses for employees to teach them proper hand hygiene will immensely help in the future.
Keeps Your Employee Happy:
Employee satisfaction is important for any business. When workers are satisfied, there’s less chance for employee turnover. When they realise that their place of employment is constantly kept clean and hygienic, they will be happy and continue to stay loyal to the company. Besides practising hand hygiene, cleaning the windows and washrooms, emptying the trash cans, and using air fresheners regularly can all contribute to a healthy work environment.
Ensuring a clean and safe workplace not just helps any business but also the society as well. A professional safety consultant has the knowledge and resources to help keep any workplace healthy and hygienic. By training your employees and conducting periodic assessments, they help minimise the dangers of poor hygiene to a great extent.